Recently there  has been many questions asked about the new changes to learner conditions and requirements.
As it is at the moment the Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced that as of the 1st July 2013 all learners will be able to travel at 90 km/h in posted areas rather than their current 80km/h limit.
Other changes included the hours learners had to complete if under 25 yrs.

Option 1 : Do 120 hrs including 20 night hours in your log book
Option 2 :  Do 100 hrs including 20 night hours, as well as 10 hrs with a driving instructor and have a total of 30 hrs included in your log book - these are called structured lessons and are written in the back of your log book for accreditation.
Option 3 : Do 80 hrs including 20 night hours and complete 10 lessons equivalent to 30 hrs as well as a one day Safer Driver Course which will give you 20 additional hours.
Option 4 : Do 100 hours in your log book including 20 night and complete the Safer Driving course to have 20 hours added to your log book.

The Safer Driver Course is still being developed and is not yet available, the structured lessons with a driving instructor have been available for more than a year and can be done at any time.

Speed limit and the safer Driver course changes do not come into effect until 1 July 2013.
All four options add up to 120 hours total